Squeegees & Applicators

Squeegees and applicators are tools used in the sign-making and graphics industries to apply vinyl graphics, decals, and other types of adhesive-backed materials to various surfaces.

Squeegees are typically used to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles and to press the material firmly onto the surface. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials such as plastic, rubber, or metal.

Applicators are tools used for the application of adhesive backed materials, it also come in different types such as:

  • Pre-cut Applicators, are designed to apply adhesive-backed materials to specific areas of a surface, they are perfect for small and intricate designs.
  • Felt Edge Applicators, are perfect for applying vinyl graphics and decals, they are made of felt and have a flexible edge that conforms to the surface of the material being applied.
  • Handheld Applicators, are small tools that you can use to apply graphics and decals by hand, they are perfect for small graphics and hard-to-reach areas.

Both squeegees and applicators are essential tools for anyone working in the sign-making and graphics industries, they will help to ensure a professional finish on every project.